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Prototype #37-C helped me look ten years younger.

Kimberly E.

Within 3 days, I had noticeably less wrinkles and the weirdest thing was my skin was feeling tight again.

Jackie L.

Prototype #37-C finally got rid of my crow's feet and the wrinkles under my eyes.

K. Ault

See Dramatic Improvements

in 6 Key Signs of Aging*


The First-Ever Wrinkle SERUM

With 99% Peptide Concentration!

Prototype #37-C is a revolutionary wrinkle treatment for one, simple reason: its 99% peptide concentration. Peptides are the single most important component in any anti-wrinkle process. However, most wrinkle treatments contain only 2-5% on average, due to their immense cost.

Prototype #37-C utilizes a 99% concentration of 6 different clinically-proven peptides. Each individual peptide contains its own unique attributes, which when combined with the other 5 peptides in this concentration add up to one revolutionary, affordable wrinkle treatment.

DAY 84
In this clinical study, we see a dramatic reduction in wrinkles and puffiness after using SYN®-COLL for 84 days.


This bio-active ingredient was developed to deeply penetrate the skin and remove any type of wrinkle and to repair existing stretch marks. SYN®-COLL has also shown excellent collagen building and collagen synthesis stimulating capacity. Increased collagen synthesis leads to the firming of the skin, wrinkle removal, and increased moisture within the skin.

Argireline® NP

Acetyl Hexapeptide (Argireline®) targets the secondary causes of wrinkle development, namely the neurotransmitters responsible for the formation of lines and wrinkles.

It does this by breaking up and destabilizing the assembled proteins which allow the neurotransmitters to release, then replacing it with this hexapeptide. The result is the prevention of muscle contractions and wrinkly skin.

DAY 28
After 28 days of using Argireline NP™ the groups average wrinkle structure has changed drastically. The average change in wrinkle depth for this study group was 32%.
DAY 56
In this clinical study, wrinkles appear drastically more shallow after just 56 days. The appearance of crow’s feet and other fine lines are also greatly diminished, giving an overall look of smoothness.

Matrixyl™ 3000

The matrikines (Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR) have been shown to activate the neo-synthesis of extracellular matrix macromolecules, providing Matrixyl™ 3000 with a visible anti-wrinlke efficacy. In clinical studies, Matrixyl™ 3000 has shown amazing results, particularly with deep wrinkles. In one study, the surface area occupied by deep wrinkles was decreased by an average of 44.9%


Acetyl Octapeptide (Snap-8) is a much safer and cheaper alternative to Botox. It works by targeting the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

It clears wrinkles by modulating muscle contractions in the face preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles. In clinical studies, Snap-8 has been shown to reduce the depth of wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.

DAY 28
After 28 days of using Argireline NP™ the groups average wrinkle structure has changed drastically. The average change in wrinkle depth for this study group was 32%.
DAY 14
In this study after just 14 days, subjects using Eyeseryl® were already noticing a clear reduction in puffiness.


As we age, skin loses elasticity and muscles weaken and loose skin gathers near the eyes, fat moves forward from the ocular cavities creating bags, and water begins to accumulate causing puffiness. Eyeseryl® combats all of these signs of aging, using it’s anti-oedema qualities with a proven efficacy in eliminating wrinkles and reducing puffy eye bags.

Acetyl Pentapeptide

Acetyl Pentapeptide, in addition to it’s own wrinkle reducing properties, has been shown to act as a magnifier when combined with the other peptides utilized by Prototype #37-C’s revolutionary formula. It works by decreasing neuron excitability and modulating acetylcholine secretion, allowing other peptides to work unencumbered.

Acetyl Pentapeptide is a modified version of Leuphasyl® which as been clinically shown to produce an average reduction in wrinkle depth by 25%-47%.

life changing results

With Prototype #37-C’s Revolutionary Formula

*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.

I will be 56 years old in May. I have been using this product for about 3 years now. I started to see a big difference within a month of using it. My skin became less dull, soft, dark circles less visible and my wrinkles are not near as deep! I have had people ask me if I have had a facelift! I am a grandmother. So it has worked great on my aging skin. Turning back time so to speak! It is my favorite product ever.

- Kelly Boyer

I am 50 years old. I have been dealing with some dark circles, eye bags and crow's feet around my eyes. But, just recently it started getting bad. I started trying different products and what a waste of money. Every product I tried made my skin so dry. Couple of months ago, I found Prototype and was pleasantly surprised by the results. I am on my third bottle and the formula is just so unique and different from any other product I have tried. People say just looking at my eyes, I just don't look that tired anymore and I look years younger! I have combination skin and Prototype works so amazingly well for my face, never leaving my skin too dry or too oily. You have a customer for life! Thank you.

- Brooks E.

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*Results in Testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers to all of Your Questions

Q. How long does each bottle last?

A. Each bottle was designed to last you a full month.

Q. How much does each bottle cost?

A. A single bottle costs $79.95

Q. Is there a discount for ordering more than one bottle?

A. Prototype #37-C offers a fantastic discount when purchasing more than one bottle. You can save over a $100 when you order more than one bottle.

Q. When should I start seeing results?

A. You should start seeing results soon after your first few days of using Prototype #37-C. Our users have even reported 50% decrease in wrinkles within the first three days of using Prototype #37-C.

Q. How does your Money Back Guarantee work

A. You're protected by our 90 day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied - IN ANY WAY - simply contact customer support within 90 days of purchase date for a full refund (less shipping). The guarantee is good for one used bottle and all unused bottles in resalable condition. We wouldn't offer a guarantee like this unless we were absolutely confident that you'll be amazed by the results. What do you have to lose? Get started today!

All returned packages must have received a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Please write RMA Number clearly on the shipping label for a refund. We will not be responsible for any lost packages. To obtain an RMA number please contact us directly at 1-866-907-7666 or

Q. How quickly will I get my order?

A. To ensure prompt delivery, we ship each order within one business day. Domestic orders are shipped via FedEx Home Delivery (1-5 days), FedEx 2 Day Air, FedEx Standard Overinight, USPS First Class (2-5 days) and USPS Priority (2-3 days). International orders are shipped via FedEx International Mail (10-14 days) and FedEx International Priority (3-5 days, highly recommended).


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